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This is a game of celestial vengeance on a planetary scale made possible through the hard work of three Digital Production Arts students and myself. In this game, you play as an aggravated Pluto, who is upset that he is no longer considered a planet. Pluto's goal is to take over the solar system one planet at a time to prove his superiority over the other celestial bodies.

In this demo I am showcasing the Venus level. Pluto is able to grow in size by breaking off pieces of asteroids and eating them. Once he is large enough, he is ready to take on Venus in a boss fight at the center of the level.

I am responsible for the gameplay design and programming, as well as all of the background and particle effects in the game, and the planet messaging system. I also assisted team members with technical troubleshooting for Maya, Unity, and GitHub.

Unity Game: Pluto The Planet

Bassets Island Landing